The mining universal vehicle is a multipurpose transport equipment intended for transport of material and persons in difficult mining conditions in areas with a gas and a coal dust explosion danger. The vehicle is equipped with methane detector as standard. The vehicle can be used with various types of transport cassettes, such as material transport cassette, a cassette with mechanical arm, a cassette with a scissor lift platform, a people transport cassette, a fuel transport cassette and many more. The vehicle is manufactured in a version with a fixed body or a „roll on / roll off “system enabling easy interchange of various types of cassettes by using its hydraulic mechanism.

Power: 95 kW
Max. speed: 25 km/h
Max. inclination: ±15°
Length: 8 428 mm
Width: 2 080 mm
Height: 2 187 mm
Ground clearance: 453 mm
Inner turning radius: 4 380 mm
Outer turning radius: 6 810 mm
Operational weight: 11 700 kg
Carrying capacity: 10 000 kg
Tire type (size): 12.00 R20 (12.00 R24) antistatic
Fuel tank volume: 204 l