Equipment for Mining Rescuers - Safety

Machinery and equipment for underground auxiliary activities are very important and integral part of the technology of underground works. They are designed with aim to increase safety and productivity at work and are used for renovation and disposal of parts of reinforcement of underground tunnels and for preventive control, adjustment and monitoring of components of technological units.

For cases of unexpected events in mines, Ferrit produces transport equipment for transport of rescuers and injured persons. Special cabins can be used connected to monorail suspended locomotives or manipulators, which also serve the function of hydraulic generators for feeding so-called small mechanization (e.g. sludge pumps, nut cutters, saws, manual jack hammers, impulse torque wrenches etc.).

Checking, measuring and adjusting instruments are used for checking and adjustments of Ferrit machines and equipment. They are used primarily in underground workshops, locomotive depots or battery charging stations.