Suspended Monorail Transport - Monorail

Suspended monorail transport is among the most economical, safest and most widely used mode of transport in mines. Thanks to its safety and reliability it is very efficient and continuous in transport of people and various kinds of technological and operational material and excels particularly in transport at long mine roadways with variable inclination of up to ± 30 degrees.

The fundamental parts of monorail transport is the track, which consists of a special carrying “I” profile with hanging elements, curves, switches, stop blocks and other accessories.

Various manipulating and auxiliary elements are part of the monorail track transport. These significantly facilitate and accelerate auxiliary activities during transport and material transhipment. Above all it is a variety of lifting and manipulating equipment with carrying capacities of up to 40 t, automatic controls of switches and entire track system, communication systems between locomotive drivers and dispatchers, crossings into transport containers for vertical transport, systems of crossings through air ventilation doors etc.

For cases of abnormally heavy transport of loads in big inclines or in areas with extreme humidity and bad adhesion conditions a suspended monorail rack track has been designed. Such a system enables a torque transmission of a traction unit to the track without slipping. The rack track could be combined with the classical monorail suspended track, that enables to transport heavy loads in big inclines without need for disconnecting of transport sets.