Tracked and Wheeled Mining Machines - Trackless

Wheeled transport is a traditional transport mode of material and personnel in both surface and underground mines. It can be implemented wherever the inclination of the transport route does not exceed 15°. This mode of transport is mainly used in underground mines utilizing mechanized mining methods like room and pillar, block caving, open level stopping and drift mining, where a rich network of roadways are created to extract the orebody.

Ferrit provides complex solutions of moving material and personnel and by combining a monorail, a ground rail and a wheeled modes of transport, is creating a very effective and efficient transport system.

In addition to the universal transport vehicles, Ferrit offers crawler multi-purpose mining machines designed for dinting of swollen mine floors, recovering/expanding operations of roadways, loading of rock, breaking of rock by hydraulic hammers and drilling holes for either blast holes or support holes.

Another machinery group in this category include loaders designed for use in standard mining profiles.