The Multimaster drilling rig belongs to series of underground wheeled drilling rigs designed for drilling blast holes in mines without danger of explosion. Drilling rig is equipped with two booms - carriages. The boom is equipped with a drill carriage unit with a hammer drill. The hammer drill is connected to both, to working hydraulic circuit of the machines and to a supply of rinse water and air. Boom extension and the length of the drill carriage determines the size of drilling coverage profile and the length of the drill hole. The drill carriage is characterized by robustness, which provides rigidity to the drilling rig and its positioning accuracy. It may be used in low profile underground mines as well as in standard and large profiles.

Power: 79 kW
Vehicle height: 3 316 mm
Vehicle length: 13 500 mm
Vehicle width: 2 412 mm
Ground clearance: 365 mm
Tires size: 12,00 x 24
Machine weight: 23 000 kg