The monorail suspended rack track MPZD24F is designed for transport of material and persons in mining roadways with max. gradient of up to ± 40°. The rack track is particularly suitable in areas where bad adhesion conditions occur, for big gradients transport and for transport of very heavy loads. The rack track could be combined with the classical monorail suspended track MPD24F.

The mining roadway may be established in any self-bearing original rock or with the use of supports consisting of concrete, shaped bricks, panels or bolts, most frequently, however, with arched steel supports.

The rack track is of a modular type, consists of main parts and accessories and is fully compatible with monorail suspended tracks used at present.

Track profile: I 155
Max. hangings span: 2 m
Min. horizontal radius: 4 m
Min. vertical radius: 8 m
Max. track inclination: ± 40°
Max. travel speed: 3 m/s
Max. traction force of traction equipment: 150 kN