The monorail suspended tracks MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 are designed for transport of material and persons in mining roadways of minimum profiles of 8m2 with max. gradient of up to ± 30°. The mining roadway may be established in any self-bearing original rock or with the use of supports consisting of concrete, shaped bricks, panels or bolts, most frequently, however, with arched steel supports.

The MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 monorail suspended tracks may be used in transport of sets pulled by a traction vehicle with its own drive or using open or endless rope or a winch. The traction machinery must be of an approved type. All equipment operating on monorail suspended tracks MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 must with its parameters comply with the parameters of the tracks.

Track profile: I 155
Max. hangings span: 3 m
Anchoring in curves every: 30°
Min. horizontal radius: 4 m
Min. vertical radius: 8 m
Max. track inclination: ± 30°
Max. train set speed: 2 m/s