Mining diesel-hydraulic suspended monorail locomotive type DLZ110F-II is a traction equipment determined for transport of train sets on monorail tracks in horizontal plane or inclines of up to 30°.

Fundamental parts of the locomotive are two cabins, engine section with two driving units and two to five additional driving units.

The engine section is formed by an engine and a hydraulic drive.

Driving units represent the final driving element, they transfer the torque through driving wheels with polyurethane friction layer to the suspended monorail. Every driving unit is formed by two hydraulic motors and a parking and emergency brake. When a pre-set maximum locomotive's speed get exceeded, this emergency braking system is initiated and stops the locomotive.

Engine type: diesel
Max. power: 81 kW
Number of driving units: 4 - 7
Max. speed: 7,2 km/h
Max. traction force: 140 kN