Braking Trolleys

The braking trolley is a safety device designed to stop transport sets and their parts (carrying trolleys, lifting equipment etc.) in emergencies in case of spontaneous travel on the monorail track. When pre-set transport speed is exceeded, the braking trolley brakes by clamping the track profile by the brake shoes. The braking trolleys are connected to transport sets by connecting rods and are placed in front of the transport set in downhill direction. Number of mechanically and hydraulically interconnected braking trolleys is determined by the operator in dependence on transport set weight and track inclination. The braking trolleys are usually delivered interconnected as single, duo or trio.

Operational speed: 0 - 2 m/s
Braking command speed: 3,2 m/s
Max. track inclination: 30°
Min. static braking force: 30 - 150 kN
Max. brake distance with load according to graph: 11 m