Rack-and-pinion locomotive is a traction unit designed for transportation of transport sets on ground rack rail type NZD600/900 in a horizontal plane and inclinations of up to 30°. It is particularly suitable for transport of very heavy loads in big track gradients.

The rack-and-pinion locomotive consists of an engine part, emergency brake placed bellow main cabin, driving unit equipped by either two hydraulic motors Poclain (type MSE18) or one planetary gear box and an auxiliary cabin. There is a diesel engine and a hydraulic drive located in the motor part. The engine is adapted for use in mining conditions; intake and exhaust tracts are flameproof protected preventing methane explosion from transferring into unprotected atmosphere.

Max. power: 81 kW
Max. traction force: 120/240 kN
Max. speed: 1,94 m/s
Track gauge: 600/900 mm
Total weight: 9 t
Max. track inclination: 30 °