Monitoring and Communication Systems - Electric

FERRIT ELECTRIC is a department which is focusing on R&D of electric and electronic equipment of machines. Emphasis is placed primarily on the possibility of using equipment developed for environments with imminent danger of explosion due to the presence of gas and coal dust in the atmosphere

A smaller part of the development itself is focused on products for classical industrial environments. These electrical or electronic components and systems are determined particularly for use in Ferrit equipment, which have a long tradition in the mining sector. However, the workmanship quality, confirmed by thorough testing and long-term operation, enables Ferrit to offer these products independently to other interested companies.

Featured products include various types of machine lights, methane sensors, signal horns, alternators, control units, intrinsically safe sources, isolated barriers, etc. with certificates I M2 Ex ib or I M2 Ex d. Finally, Ferrit is implementing development of remote monitoring systems for selected machines portfolio.