Powered roof supports



Ferrit is an experienced manufacturer of powered roof supports with a focus on steep slopes, thick coal seams with overhead discharge to the front conveyor (window type) or rear conveyor and, if needed, long wall shield supports for both thin and thick coal seams. Due to the sufficient capacities of construction and technological staff we are able to design supports according to the customer needs, then manufacture and certify according to EN-1804-1, 2 and 3.



Ferrit is able to evaluate older, long used supports from customer; if needed, complete basic documentation, perform a strength analysis and, based on this analysis, propose modifications and re-certification of the modified support.



Based on technical specifications and information about the seam, Ferrit is able to design the entire technological complex, which means power supports, armored face conveyor (AFC) , beam stage loader (BSL), shearer-loader,  electro-equipment and hydraulic station. We can deliver such mechanized complex solutions with the help of our partner companies (AFC, BSL, Shearer …).


Strength analysis

Ferrit uses SOLID WORKS 3D program for modeling, strength analysis using method of finite element and creation of production documentation.


Powered roof supports