Fuel filling station CSP02F is a mechanical device that is designed for pumping of diesel fuel. Fuel filling station is an electrically powered device by 400V, 500V and 660V. It is equipped by powerful pump, hose set with accessories, fuel filter with separator, electronic counter, safety devices, memory storage with user recognition possibility and emergency stop button.


Fuel filling station CSP02F can be used in environments involving hazards of methane and coal dust explosion up to the degree SNM 2 according to § 232 of the Decree. ČBÚ no. 22/1989 Coll. as amended. According to Government Regulation no. 23/2003 (Directive of the European Parliament and Council EU 94/9/EC) the equipment is included in the group I and category M2. Fuel filling station meets the requirements of NV 176/2008 (directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU 2006/42/EC).

Weight: 120 kg
Dimensions l x h x w: 745 x 616 x 350 mm
Flow rate: 50 l/min
Max. suction height: 4 m
Operational pressure of pump: 0,25 - 0,6 bar