Mining Depot

Mining service and parking depot equipment is an integral part of the underground transport system enabling its underground servicing and fuelling whenever such operations could not be carried out on the surface. The depot of underground traction devices must conform to legislation of the country of its implementation and the needs of the operator. Our company provides a technical project of the depot and flammables store or charging station on the basis of customer´s supporting documentation, in particular including:

  • Ecological fuel pump station (drip free with vapour return line to the tank) with manual, pneumatic or electric drive in various modifications
  • Testing instruments for emissions measurements, traction and braking force and setting up of electrical components of traction equipment
  • Tools and manipulating equipment for service activities
  • Lighting technology
  • Starting benches
  • Charging station of accumulator sources
  • Equipment for high pressure cleaning of machines
  • Cooling ventilation units
  • Sludge pumps