About science and technology park

FERRIT science and technology park was completed in 2015. It was founded with the idea to create a suitable environment for the development of young innovative companies in the region with emphasis on actual introduction of innovative products to market.
Science and technology park FERRITis with its equipment structure designed especially for domiciliation of small innovative startups companies focused on research, development and manufacture of prototypes of new types of traction vehicles and new technological systems for extreme mine conditions and construction sites in cooperation with universities and external companies. 
FERRIT science and technology park offers 134 office spaces, meeting rooms and a conference hall with a capacity of about 80 people. Projectors, audio video equipment, Wi-Fi, flipchart, copier, air conditioning etc. are commonplace.
FERRIT science and technology park also has facilities that we offer to resident companies to hire placement for their own development technologies (laboratories, prototype workshops and buildings, including facilities for testing).




To our clients we provide  services in the following areas:


  • Rental of office space
  • Seeking partners for joint research and development
  • Educational activities
  • Information on grant projects
  • Rental of meeting space
  • Reprographic services
  • Consultancy in the field of intellectual protection property
  • Transfer of technologies
  • Economic consulting, accounting
  • Employing college students on practice
  • Employment of university graduates
  • Awarding BA, MA and PhD theses
  • Cooperation with universities on the development and funding projects
  • Seminars and training
  • Meeting room rental


Premises for rent


Office space


We offer a lease of modern office space.


  • Size of offices from 20m2 to 80m2
  • Adequate number of job positions
  • Facilities with office furniture
  • Connection to the internet
  • Available meeting and conference room
  • Basic services of joint reception
  • Object linked to the ARC
  • Parking facility
  • Use of reprographic center services


Conference rooms 

Our clients and the general public have the opportunity to rent a fully furnished conference / lecture hall with a capacity of about 80 seats.


Basic facilities and services:


  • Projection screen and projector
  • Sound system
  • Air Conditioning
  • The obscuration
  • Refreshments


Other permises of science and technology park


To our clients we also offer renting space for their own development technologies.


• laboratories
• prototype workshop
• testing Facilities
            - hall
            - track etc.
• all appropriate sanitary and hygienic facilities
• connection to the internet
• objects linked to ARC




In case of interest or questions regarding renting space science and technology park, please contact us via e-mail