Extension of testing track

Another section of a testing track was put into operation in the Ferrit premises on September 10th 2015. It will be used for testing of classical as well as special types of locomotives produced by the company.

The track is designed for testing of locomotives´ parameters when traveling in a straight line of 270 meters. Its structure is designed for operation of typical diesel and battery-powered ground rail and suspended monorail locomotives, however especially for testing of new high-speed monorail suspended and trolley ground rail locomotives. The trolley line is powered by a DC source with adjustable voltage that can be used to simulate real-world conditions, voltage drops or variations. The whole design of the overhead trolley line is also designed to easily adjust the position of the trolley in order to test a connection of the trolley locomotive with the trolley line and thus accurately simulate the behavior of the pantograph in various situations.

The project was financed from EU funds under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation.