Multipurpose dinting loader PSU7000 as an universal mining machine excels in dinting and cleaning of swollen mine floors, loading of rock to transport equipment, breaking of rock and drilling of blast holes and anchor holes.

  • Modifications for 500V/1000V or 660V/1140V (other voltages on request)
  • Telescopic boom
  • Flameproof
  • Possibility to equip with loading bucket, dinting bucket, active hydraulic dinting bucket, cutter head, hammer and drilling arm
  • Quick coupling device for quick and effective change of above auxiliary attachments
  • LCD display for viewing of operational and warning messages
  • SD card operational conditions storage
  • Compact machine dimensions enabling its use in small profile areas
Weight with dinting bucket: 7 000 kg
Weight with loading bucket: 7 100 kg
Weight with hammer: 6 600 kg
Machine length with dinting bucket: 5 500 - 6 500 mm
Machine length with loading bucket: 5 700 mm
Machine length with hammer: 4 590 - 6 600 mm
Machine width: 1 000 mm
Machine height: 1 210 mm
Chassis ground clearance: 200 mm
Shear force: 50 kN (in vertical direction)
Mining floor gradient while dinting: -20°/+20°
Maximum transverse floor gradient: -10°/+10°