The LHD (load, haul, dump) machine is designed for loading and moving bulk materials for short distances to designated locations. The use is mainly in low-profile underground mines and in large underground operations including the founding, mining and tunneling in the construction industry. Bucket size determines the transport volume and thus the capacity and capacity of the loader.

The loader travel is provided by a pair of axles (front, rear) driven by a cardan shaft through a gearbox and a hydrodynamic drive driven by a diesel combustion engine. The rear axle is vertically pivotable.

The pressure of the hydraulic fluid in the machine system for the movement of the boom and the shovel, and the brake control, provide the gear hydrogenerators. Machine movement functions are controlled by the lever controls, the service brakes and the injection pump control. These are controlled by a pair of foot pedals. Rotating the loader is secured using a joint.

The loader has a high level of safety for both the operator and the immediate surroundings, with easy maintenance and operator convenience. The loader is capable of working under very difficult working conditions.

Power: 241 kW
Max. inclination: ±15°
Length: 9 760 mm
Width: 2 580 mm
Height: 2 418 mm
Inner turning radius: 3 285 mm
Outer turning radius: 6 480 mm
Operational weight: 30 000 ± 5 % kg
Load capacity of bucket: 10 000 ± 2% kg