Mining suspended cabins are designed for passengers transport on monorail suspended tracks in mining roadways of a minimum profile of 8m2 and maximum track gradients of up to 30°.

Men transport cabins are designed and manufactured with regard to the purpose of their use. Most often these are cabins for transport of personnel, rescue workers, injured and last not least special cabins for high speed transport (up to 25 km / h). Ferrit´s portfolio include several types of cabins differing mainly in size, capacity and type of hanging to monorail track. Transport capacities vary from 8 – 20 persons per cabin and could be mutually interconnected by special connecting rods and thus create cabins train sets for passenger transport.

The cabins are transported along the monorail track and could be suspended on carrying trolleys or a hydraulic transport equipment NZH2/4. Selecting the second option is more beneficial as the lifting machines could be after completion of transport of persons further be used for transport of material.

As a traction vehicle it is recommended to use suspended monorail locomotive of an approved type.

Cabins can be customized, individually designed and combined to achieve variable capacity and dimensions. In addition to standard cabins for passenger transport Ferrit also offers special types of cabins, such as rescuers and first aid cabins for transport of the injured personnel. Another type of special cabins are cabins for high-speed transport of persons that meet conditions of a safe transport of personnel in mines in sets with high-speed monorail locomotive DLZ201F-HS.