Mining suspended monorail battery locomotive DLZA90F is an autonomous traction equipment determined for transport of train sets on monorail suspended tracks in underground mines and a surface in horizontal plane and inclines of up to ± 30°.

The locomotive is formed by following parts: two individual drivers´ cabins, power source section suspended on a hydraulic transport equipment TZH4/8F-ZA, auxiliary section and two to six driving units mutually interconnected by connecting rods. Various additional equipment could connected between drivers´ cabins and power source section, eventually auxiliary section.

Electric motor type: Flameproof three phase asynchronous
Max. power: 45 kW
Gearbox type: Mechanical planetary
Number of driving units: 2 - 6
Max. speed: 13,7 km/h
Max. traction force: 180 kN
Min. brake force: 360 kN