The surface ground trolley locomotive TLP120F is designed for material or personal transport in areas without methane and coal dust explosion danger on rail tracks at gradients of up to ± 35‰.

The locomotive is separable into two main assemblies in order to facilitate its transport to site. The locomotive is controlled from cabins, which are equipped with control, monitoring and safety elements and appliances used for safe control thereof. The cabin design provides a good operator’s view of the track and reliable protection against injury and adverse external conditions.

Power: 150 kW (2 x 75 kW)
Max. traction force: 55 kN
Speed: 0 - 20 km/h
Gauge: 750 - 900 mm (29,5 – 35,4 in)
Total weight: 20 t
Max. track inclination: 35 ‰