The UZR01F-II is primarily designed for mechanized replacing of rollers of belt conveyors, wherever there is a rail track following the conveyor, which enables the traction equipment to pull the UZR001F-II. A locomotive of an approved type is used as a traction equipment.

The UZR01F-II may be also used as a manipulator or a crane for lifting and manipulation with loads which do not exceed the maximum permitted carrying capacity of the equipment. The UZR01F-II consists of a platform with manipulator and a transport cabin.

Boom range: 1400 - 2400 mm
Gauge: 900 mm
Carrying capacity (1 400 mm): 4 390 kg
Carrying capacity (2 050 mm): 3 000 kg
Carrying capacity (2 400 mm): 2 560 kg
Total platform weight: 2 500 kg
Total cabin weight: 2 400 kg
Number of seats in the cabin: 4