Quality and EMS politics

Company FERRIT, s.r.o. is engaged in the manufacture and supply of mining machinery and equipment, including service provision. In order to fully meet the needs of our customers, to maintain and improve the quality of our supplied products and services in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, we declare This Quality Policy and Environmental Management System with the belief that it will be adopted by our employees, business partners and other stakeholders. Quality Policy and EMS meets requirements of CSN EN ISO 9001: 2009, ISO 14001: 2005 and EN ISO / IEC 80079-34: 2012, it is based on the overall company strategy and is among one of the main priorities of our company.

Management of FERRIT s.r.o. commits to:

  1. meet the needs and expectations of our customers in an efficient and effective implementation of all the qualitative parameters in all phases of business cases, minimize environmental impacts and comply with legal requirements and any other environmental requirements.
  2. Supply reliable products that meet the current state of knowledge, science and technology.
  3. Prevention of Pollution at preventing emergency situations, the consequences of which could have a negative impact on the environment and health of workers.
  4. Create the necessary creative working environment for the successful implementation of the strategic objectives of the company, obtaining a stable position in the market, which will lead to maintaining the current position on the domestic and foreign market.
  5. Apply and continually improve the quality management system and environmental management at all levels of management involvement and full use of the skills of all employees for meeting objectives and targets.
  6. Use energy and materials efficiently, thus contributing to conserve natural resources.
  7. Educate and motivate employees to permanent acquiring the necessary knowledge in the field of quality management and environmental management, environmental awareness and promote the obligations set out in this policy of quality and environmental management system.
  8. Receiving preventive measures in the implementation of effective feedback, use of objective and timely information, analysing the causes of existing and potential adverse conditions and their consequences.
  9. Encourage the implementation of quality management and environmental management system within suppliers to continuously improve supplies of their products.
  10. Focus on efficient and effective implementation of all the quality parameters of realized business cases at all stages of implementation, including compliance with legislative requirements on safety, environmental protection, reliability of the products and pollution prevention.
  11. Allocate appropriate and sufficient resources to meet this quality policy and environmental management system.
  12. Evaluate performance of Quality policy and environmental management system, quality objectives, environmental objectives and targets in line with the needs and expectations of our employees, customers and public with a view to continuous improvements.

In Frydek-Mistek  07. 05. 2014                                                                        

Ing. Pavel Mohelník
General Director