CT Grup aims to go into Production in Turkey

The company of CT Grup Maden Ekipmanları (CT Grup Mining Equipment)
founded in 2008 now represents 12 producer companies as distributing partner.
The company provides support in turn-key projects from the stages of reserve
assessment and feasibility analysis to the stage of manufacture. Mr. Mehmet
Yörük, a Mining Engineer who serves as Sales Coordinator in the company, has
given us information both about the company and the sector.

Can you introduce us Mehmet Yörük as the person professionally active in the business

I graduated from the Faculty of Mining Engineering at the Middle East Technical University.
I have assumed several functions in international companies which supply mining
equipment. I have been in the sector for sixteen years now, and since 2010 I have been
working as coordinator in the company of CT Grup Maden Ekipmanları.

What is the position of CT Grup within the sector and what are its activities?

The company of CT Grup Maden Ekipmanları started its activities in the sector in 2008,
equipped with a professional personnel experienced and specialized in their respective fields.
Since its foundation, it has managed to win a firm place in the sector, both thanks to its
prominent chain partners abroad and its ever-increasing performance. In cooperation with 12
manufacturer companies it represents in Turkey, the company has the ability and capacity to
meet the needs of all the mines at home. Thereby it can provide turn-key projects to other
companies, ranging from the phase of reserve assessment and feasibility analysis to the phase
of manufacture. Besides its head office located in the township of Çayırhan, Ankara, it
provides its services across the country through its contact office in Çankaya, Ankara and
two service points located in Soma and Kütahya.

Your company operates as distributor of several companies in Turkey. Can you tell us about
the companies you represent and your product range?

When it comes to CT Grup, the first products which spring to mind are the mechanized
systems and conveyance systems intended for underground mines. The backbone of these
systems is comprised of hydraulic shiel supports, shearer loader machines and chain
conveyors. The company of Eickhoff from Germany, one of the companies we represent in
our country, is a company that has been manufacturing shearer loader machines for more
than 150 years and is the first trade mark which springs to mind when it comes to shearer
loader systems in the world. The company of Hallbach & Braun, a company established in
1920 to manufacture conveyors for mines in Germany, is one of the most prominent of wellaccepted
trade marks in its respective field in the world. The company of Ferrit from the
Czech Republic which manufactures ground support and transport haulage systems, on the
other hand, is a company whose products are safely used in several countries extending from
Turkey and China to Slovakia and Vietnam etc.. Under a trade mark that stands out with
quality and excellent post –sale services, it also provides turn-key projects under its own
financing schemes. In mines, a great number of needs indispensable for the maintenance of
the production have to be met. These include the needs of the machines in respect of
hydraulic and electricity, stabilization of flues and face conveyors, transport of the produced
minerals to the earth surface, transport of personnel and materials to the work areas. In order
to meet such needs, we are in cooperation with the company of Kamat, a company based in
Germany which manufactures hydraulic pumps and stations. In this way, we can meet any
demand in respect of hydraulic systems. The safety in work areas and in drifts is another
concern of great importance. The company of Weber, a company based in France, produces
chemicals equipped with the appropriate certificates for works carried out in underground
settings, providing solutions for any problem which might arise in this field and thus
contributing to create safer work environments. The conveyance of the produced materials to
the surface is executed by means of belt conveyors or wagons and shaft systems. In
cooperation with the company of Ferrit, we can offer complete belt conveyor facilities and
locomotive wagon systems. Besides, for belt conveyor systems, we use the products of the
company of Tüschen & Zimmermann, a German company which manufactures brake
mechanisms. Thanks to the products of this company, we are able to substantially increase
the system safety and operating life. Regarding our services in connection with mechanical
belt splices and belt scrapers used in belt conveyor systems, we are offering the products of
Mato, a German company with a 100-year experience in this field. Ventilation and safety
measures regarding the work area and equipment in underground mines are also of essential
importance. In respect of fans, fan tubes and ventilation doors, we provide, under the
guarantee of accredited organisations, such services as dust explosion analyses, tests,
prevention systems, equipment compliance tests and the related certifications, design and
manufacture of explosion doors in order to provide equipment security as well as safety and
security in work areas. In our product range, we also have other products used to accelerate
the works conducted through human labour in mines and in tunnel constructions in a safety
manner. Such products include underground trucks with ATEX certificate, crawler
excavators and loaders, manoeuvre locomotives.

Which are the companies and projects in which products sold by CT Grup were/are used in

Our products are used in all the mines which perform mechanized production in Turkey. The
most prominent companies which operate in this field in Turkey are Park Termik-Çayırhan,
Adularya-Koyunagılı, TK GL - Tunçbilek, mbat-Soma, Demir Export-Soma, Soma
Kömürleri-Soma, Polyak-Kınık. In Park Termik Çayırhan, the shearer loader machines
manufactured by the company of Eickhoff and face chain conveyors (AFC) manufactured by
Halbach & Braun are used in all the production areas; this is the best combination for the
model of mechanized coal production with high performance. The minerals produced in this
high performance production arising from this unique combination are collected by
Conveyors (BSL) manufactured by Hallbach & Braun and are conveyed to the surface by
means of belt conveyors fixed with mechanical fasteners manufactured by Mato. The
companies of TK-GL Tunçbilek, Ömerler Madeni and Soma Kömürler all prefer to use
shearer loader machines originating from Eickhoff. Besides, in thick seams in miness where
minerals are extracted by means of top coal caving in some regions, which is especially the
case in the region around Soma, the conditions are much more challenging compared to the
conditions handled with standard mechanized systems. In this region, we offer a special
conveyor, which is a combination of face and haulage conveyors, also called as curved
conveyor, manufactured by the company of Halbach & Braun, a company also represented
by us. This system, which is being effectively used as front AFC conveyor in the coal pits in
Soma since 2010, has been restructured in a project we jointly conducted with the company
of mbat in 2014, and it can now be used as rear RC conveyor as well. This system is a
sustainable innovative system which has made a great contribution in respect of increasing
the safety, productivity and production rates. As a result of this project, this system is already
implemented in three faces in the company of mbat and the 4th face will be taken into
operation in the first quarter in 2017.

What kind of services do you offer to your clientele in the post-sale period?

After the sale, we realize the installation of the materials, take them into operation and hand
them over to our customers in operating condition. We are fully aware of the urgency and
problems which interruptions of production in the mining sector can bring about. For this
reason, besides providing proven products of excellent quality, we provide, thanks to our
service partner based in Soma and our mobile service unit in Tavsanlı, a continuous service
to minimize the interruption times and to solve the problems with immediate effect on a 24/7

What are the qualifications that make CT Grup particular in the sector?

Our essential values are based, in the first place, on a reliable and ethical relationship with
our clientele. Rather than a perspective which prioritizes market share, our principles rely on
on an understanding rather based on customer share and customer satisfaction. In this sense,
we continue our efforts to maintain a consistent and sustainable communication with all the
companies we cooperate with. Our specialized personnel are comprised of employees who
were previously employed as managing personnel in mines and had opportunity to use the
products we offer. In other words, we have a team who had worked and gained experiences
as end users in similar working settings. In this way, we can understand the needs of users in
the best way and offer suitable solutions. In the same vein, we are able to provide immediate
support and advice regarding any question or problem of our clients to guarantee that they
are able to sustain their production in an uninterrupted way. All these are features that have
made our company a reliable partner in the sector in such a short time.

What is the stock quantity covering all the products you have specified for Turkey?

Where do you store your products and how do you manage your stocks?

We keep hundreds of different items in stock and we have minimum stock quantities for each
item. A new order is placed when the system produces a warning as soon as the stored
amount falls below the set stock amount. These products are stored in our covered warehouse
located in Çayırhan and cold storage depot in Beypazarı, and these warehouses meet the
urgent needs of our clientele. Even though our stockpiles predominantly consist of
consumable materials and wear parts, we also have some machine parts of critical
importance in our inventory.

How many employees are there in your company?
Do you provide technical training to your personnel?

We employ 11 employees in our company and provide them regular trainings in
manufacturing facilities at home and abroad covering all the products we are offering.

What is the most important problem in your sector?
What kind of solutions do you provide for the problems the sector is experiencing?

Even though, as is generally appreciated, mining is one of the most challenging business
activities in the world, it is an indispensable sector in terms of evaluating the resources in the
country. It is natural that challenges do bring about several problems.
I am of the opinion that it would be a great contribution to the creation of a safe, secure,
productive and decent mining sector when these problems are discussed in platforms with the
participation of government agencies, representatives from the sector and controlling
organizations in order to find appropriate solutions. In the last 2 years, such meetings, which
are held on the initiative of governmental agencies and representatives from the sector, have
made substantial contribution to the sector. Considering the current steps intended to define
the problems of the mining sector in our country and to work out solutions to these problems,
I personally hold the view that many problems in our sector would be solved in a short time
and our sector would thereof gain a great momentum.

What does the year 2016 evoke in you in respect of the developments in your sector?

Our expectation was that 2016 would have been a year where we would take a new turn in
the mining sector after the sad events which occurred in previous years. In fact, the first half
of the year was characterized by a positive trend in the sector, but the second half, which was
marked with a stagnation in the mining sector, as was also the case in all other sectors, did
not satisfy our expectations. We think that 2017 would be a better year for the sector.

Do you plan new investments and new productions in 2017?
Will you company enter into distribution contracts with new companies?

In 2017, we plan to enter into new agreements of commercial representation at home and
abroad in line with our efforts to expand our product range. Furthermore, with the support of
the overseas companies we cooperate with and represent in our country, we have come a
long way in our projects to realize the manufacture of some products in Turkey. We aim to
start the planned production of such products until the end of the year in Turkey